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Every Child Deserves to Smile and Experience Quality Living

One Vision for Children is a non-profit organization (501c3) founded by Edel Sid in 2020 for the love and well-being of Haitian children. When Sid first returned Haiti and saw the realities of the life of the children of Haiti, it made his eyes watery and his heart sink. It was heart-wrecking for him to see young children on the streets living in poverty and dying daily because of the lack of and access to proper healthcare facilities.

It urged him to think of ways to play his part and collaborate with like-minded people to help and support these vulnerable children deprived of their right to education and healthcare.

In good faith and passion for making a difference, One Vision for Children was launched. At One Vision for Children, we are strongly committed to ensuring the well-being of Haitian children. We aim to reduce childhood mortality and educate the children of Haiti so that Haitian children can create a sustainable future and experience quality living today and tomorrow.

Everyone at One Vision for Children shares a fundamental belief that there is always a pathway to a better life and happiness in the face of life’s challenges. Hence, we are passionately moving on the path to improving the quality of life of Haitian children because all children of the world are the same—they all deserve to smile and enjoy their childhood.


Our Mission is to help the children of Haiti by providing them an accessible education and healthcare to become productive adults.


Education and healthcare for all, empowering people to live their best lives.

our values


We value being honest and ethical. With every interaction, we strive to be consistent, honorable, and truthful. We will do what is right rather than what is easy.


We dedicate ourselves to our work each and everyday because we believe that every child’s future is worth fighting for despite any obstacles that may stand in our way.


We strive to build trust and strong ties as we work hand in hand with our donors, partners, and the communities that we serve.


We pledge to use our time, donations, and our resources wisely and responsibly as we work towards our vision.


Our differences and unique perspectives are what makes us a stronger team, so that we can work to bring change to Haitian children, their families, and to the world at large.


We will fight with courage and patient to overcome any obstacle that stands in the way of realizing our vision. We will not give up even when it gets hard.

our team

Marie A Jean

Marie A Jean

Co-founder/ President

Magalie Wilkerson

Magalie Wilkerson

Co-founder/ Vice-President

Milaine Haberer

Milaine Haberer


Jessica Rene

Jessica Rene


Lori Hickey

Lori Hickey

( Chief Executive Office )

Edel Sid

Edel Sid

Founder/ Executive Director

Marie C Milfort

Marie C Milfort


our partners

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