Help us to build a school in Haiti

The people of Haiti have long suffered from impoverished situations with many having little to no access to healthcare, schooling, housing, or proper nutrition. In fact, according to the World Food Programme, 29% of Haitians live in extreme abject poverty with over 1.2 million suffering from severe hunger.

This along with devastating natural disasters such as earthquakes and flooding has left many of the structures once used for hospitals and schools in piles of rubble causing mothers, fathers, and children to walk for hours to reach the basic necessities of life.

One factor in the continued poverty of the country is the lack of education among the population. Two out of every ten children cannot attend primary school due to location and cost leaving the cycle of poverty in a never-ending loop. One Vision for Children intends to break that cycle and provide the children of Haiti a chance for a much brighter future, and you can help!

One Vision for Children is a 501c3 non-profit organization that works with the wonderful people of Haiti to help the children of Haiti by providing them with accessible education and healthcare to become productive adults.

We understand the value of education when it comes to changing one’s future and providing the wonderful children of Haiti with a place to learn, imagine, and grow is essential to providing stability and security to villages across the country.

Our Mission

One Vision for Children is currently fundraising to provide the community of Gonave Island a school complete with running water which is a vital need within the population. Approximately 1700 local children are forced to walk over two hours a day to attend the closest school which has led to several dropouts and missed days due to inclement weather, illness, and accessibility.

These children need our help to get the education they deserve as it is our goal to provide all children with the life skills and formal/vocational education needed to seize the best opportunities for themselves, their families, and their communities at large.

How You Can Help

At One Vision for Children, we work relentlessly to address healthcare and education issues in Haiti through various programs and community services. We believe that these elements are the cornerstone to a successful future for Haiti. With your generous support, our school project will bring hope to the children of Haiti and allow their dreams to take flight.

100% of your generous donations will go directly to the following:

  • Building Materials and Supplies
  • Plumbing, Electrical, and Structural Costs
  • Desks, Workbooks, and all needed School Supplies to ensure every child has the materials they need to succeed
  • Washroom Facilities
  • Classroom Supplies i.e., Chalkboards and Teacher Materials

We work directly with the communities we are involved in which includes support from local engineers and craftsmen while involving both the parents and the children every step of the way. We rely on their valued input which ensures we can not only meet but exceed their needs and instills a level of pride in their schools that lasts for generations.

Education is the key to supporting these children on their journey to adulthood and teaching them there is hope for their futures. Too many children have been left without access to education which only creates an unstable society and a never-ending level of poverty that has taken too many lives.

With your support, we can make a positive change in these children’s futures by teaching them the skills needed to succeed. Through math, language, science, agriculture, health, and so much more we will provide hope in a time when so many families are struggling.

Thank You

We at One Vision for Children thank you for your support and we ask that you please share our campaign with your friends, families, neighbors, and co-workers. Together we will bring support to those who have lived without hope and give the children of Haiti a positive outlook on life.

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